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Primitive Survival Shelters: How To Build A Hut In The Woods

Building a hut in the wilderness with wood sticks, leaves, and mud for walls, roof, chimney and more

Surviving in the wilderness begins with building shelter. A hut is a quick and good beginning. To build a hut in the woods, begins with wood sticks, leaves, mud, and clay. This example video shows a hut of sturdy walls of sticks with an angled roof of sticks with split sticks as a backbone. The angled roof is covered and layered with leaves to keep rain out. The walls of sticks are then covered with a mud clay mixture to form a stone-like body for the hut and temporary cabin-looking home.

Additionally in this video, the author shows how to build a bed, fire and fireplace, clay pottery and more – all useful primitive technology needed to survive in the woods or to simply know how to do-it-yourself (DIY) or to teach your children.

Watch the video.

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