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Bible, Scholars, Scientists Show Blacks Are Hebrew Israelites Whom God & Moses Saved From Egypt

Hidden Identity of Blacks In The Bible: Who Are The Hebrew Israelites Today?


The Hidden Identity of Blacks can be found in The Bible; that’s what Bible historians, scholars and scientists reveal. Current studies show that the so-called blacks also today called Negroes and African Americans are the same Hebrew Israelites who God sent Moses to save from their hard bondage under the Pharaoh in the land of Egypt.

History learned and taught in elementary, middle and high school classrooms all over America tell a story of black people that begins with the 1600’s starting with American slavery but unfortunately school books on the history before that time are unavailable nor has anyone heard of any history of so-called Negroes before American slavery.

It is well-known that, during that time, slaves were not allowed, for over three centuries, to read the Bible. Today, in modern time, if taught the Bible, it could teach the current generation much about history but sadly it is not allowed in the schools.

There is history of Romans, Greeks, Asians, Arabians dating back to the beginning of A.D. and before Christ such as Alexander the Great (a Greek), Muhammad (an Arabian), even Constantine (a Roman) or Genghis Khan (an Asian), yet, in still, the history of Negroes for some reason stops and starts with the 1600’s.

That fact has never been studied, let alone questioned, until the modern century.

In the video documentary, the narrator, Yarashalam, speaks of the scientists that uncovered skulls of Africans whom they say do not match the skulls of so-called Negros. Furthermore, they found skulls of the servants to Egypt which matched identically to the skulls of so-called modern day Negros. This evidence alone, with other findings of scholars and more, reveal the history of so-called African-Americans before the 1600s.

Watch the video and prepare yourself for a journey into the Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible.

What do you think?

Written by Hebrew Living

Delivering the TRUTH.

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  1. Great video ” Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible” but can you also do more videos on the New Testament in regards to our Lord and Savior. I like it that in the video it points out verses too. Thanks will definitely share this with others.

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